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This is a short overview of health issues pertaining to hair loss in men. Four out of five men will have noticeable hair loss by age seventy. Research the issues, but don't just accept that there is no cure at face value, apply the suggestions that may help to yourself. You may be one of those that are not predisposed to be bald.

I have come to the conclusion that most health problems are either rooted in lack of proper nutrition or maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle. And that includes the health of your scalp and hair. Yes, genetics seems to play a roll. In most cases men are said to be genetically susceptible to loose their hair but in some cases it isn't written in stone that you will necessarily follow in your parent's footsteps unless you follow their bad habits.

Hair loss can be a sign that you are damaging your body through unhealthy habits such as smoking or eating chemical laced junk foods that can damage your body directly as well as take the place of the nutrition your body needs to grown strong hair and nails. Nutrition to your body is like fuel and oil to a car. If you do not maintain your body and feed it properly it will breakdown.

If thinning hair runs while using goedkoop propecia bestellen in your family wouldn't it be prudent for you to do what you can to slow it down, maybe even halt it and possibly reverse it. The side benefits could also help keep the rest of your body healthy.

I said: could, possibly, maybe. Everyone's bodies are different. Things that may affect some people may not affect others. There could be some kind of underlying disease that could wrench your body of nutrition. There are multitudes of possible causes to hair loss not just genetics. But the bottom line hair loss is cause by hair follicle damage. How are follicles damaged? By all the multitudes of possible causes, such as:

Hereditary predisposition is said to be caused by hormones but they also say there is no solid proof other than the fact it seems to run in families. However, bad habits also run in families.

Hormones: Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is caused by hormone changes. What causes hormone changes? Age? Nutrition? Lifestyle?

Health issues: infections, diseases, psychological issues all of which causes malnutrition.

Stress, trauma: can disrupt hormone levels as well as reduce nutrient absorption and increase nutrient excretion.

Environmental pollutants: smoking, toxins, chlorine, metals and minerals can harm hair follicles and damage hormones. There are several ways to reducing pollutants.

Medication: Most medications can be eliminated by maintaining a healthy life style rather than treating the symptoms.

Nutrition: In order to maintain healthy follicles and a full head of hair you body need several nutrients: protein, biotin, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, water, B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc. Not to mention other vitamins and minerals that help to absorb these nutrients. As you get older it is harder for your stomach lining to absorb nutrients. Maybe this is why as you age your hair thins. This is why supplements have become so popular.

There are many contributing factors that are beyond anyone's control but control what you can. In the meantime there are treatments and cover ups that may help as you change you lifestyle and eating habits but they are not a cure. I prefer a cure to simply treating symptoms no matter what the health issue may be.


vitamins are necessary for growth. Unbalanced nutrition, as well as low-calorie diets can lead to temporary hair loss. To stop them falling out, stick to proper nutrition. Eat more fruits, vegetables, protein (lean meat, dairy products, sea fish), whole grains, nuts, and high-quality oils. If you are not able to follow such an optimal diet, you should take dietary supplements for hair containing Biotin, Niacin, zinc, as well as vitamins B6, B12, A and E.

Hair loss can also be a delayed consequence of infection. In the spring, you suddenly find that they fall out. And the reason for this is the flu, transferred in the winter. In this case, the hair loss stops after about three months, during which the damaged roots are restored.

our hormonal system is very sensitive and reacts to even the smallest changes. Under normal conditions, the female sex hormone estrogen is responsible for the density. Many women notice the stunning effect of volume during pregnancy. Male hormones (androgens), in small quantities present in the female body, do not promote hair growth. Both men and women produce more androgens under stress. This can disrupt the hormonal balance and lead to hair loss in women. In difficult cases, the dermatologist will prescribe you antiandrogens – which will serve as a remedy for hair loss. However, sometimes you just need to slow down the rhythm of life a little and relax. The cause of hair loss can be a violation of the thyroid gland. To determine whether this is the case, you need to take a blood test for hormone levels.

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